Password protected documentation in Xcode 4.2

I've been speaking with a number of people who had this problem (and I did as well). The gist of it is, when you try to use the built-in documentation browser in the Xcode organizer, you are prompted to enter your password. (Which you can't actually do)

The solution was non-obvious to me, but here it is:

  1. Open Preferences > Downloads
  2. Choose the Documentation Tab
  3. Click "Install" for the documentation sets you wish to use

Once they're done installing, you'll be able to access the docs normally.

Google Voice on the iPhone


After being previously rejected from the App Store for difficult to understand reasons (http://www.tuaw.com/2009/12/25/is-google-voice-available-for-the-iphone/), Google has returned today with an alternative -- in the form of a web application. If you already have a Google Voice account, just visit http://m.google.com/voice from your iPhone, and you can now do outbound dialing through Google Voice.

It even looks mostly like a native application if you click the '+' button in the browser to add it to your home screen. It first dials a local number, which it routes through to your desired callee -- as my friend Jason pointed out, if you do the AT&T A-List option, you can add that number to your list, and effectively have unlimited outbound dialing!

Pancake Bunny